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EncounteR (2021)

Inspired by the ancient greek myth of Prometheus’ gift to humanity (fire and knowledge), our story takes place in a country where it’s forbidden for citizens to meet, speak face to face or have physical contact.
The law allows contact only through technology.
Everybody has a personal communicating system, not allowed to be unplugged.
In this dystopian society, a woman organizes illegal gatherings, reminding people the worth of human touch. She gets punished.
A girl endlessly seeking happiness, decides to visit the woman.
Hope is a precious gift!
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The Road to Cappadocia (2020)

Inspired by the actual three day long excursion to Cappadocia.
By car with friends, from Ankara, a great adventure anyone should experience.
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Fossil Sprouts (2020)

A cinematic and ambient album produced by
recycling and refining a collection of 7 miniature works,
originally composed during the first corona virus wave.
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Our 25th Hour (2019)

Our25thHour is meant to be a condensed±compressed version of someone’s emotional world, that throughout an entire life, the years, the months, the days or in just one hour, feel like an endless circle full of ups and downs, that ultimately through time, result in some kind of balance equal to our unique and individual perception of reality.
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Article by
Rebecca Cullen

…“decidedly complex and curious collection of originals, Fossil Sprouts takes creative composition and production to brand new levels – offering a plethora of intricacies, effects and moments; each of which captivates increasingly
…“eforez has crafted something authentically unique and fascinating with this collection. Undoubtedly a composer worth knowing about.

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the Further Magazine

…His latest album is entitled “Fossil Sprouts” and offers an outstanding musical world between soundscape, haunting melodies, and mysterious atmosphere. A unique cinematic project, A masterpiece of 2020…

…L’inspiration se trouve sur tout et n’importe quoi. Cela pourrait être dans un article que j’ai lu sur une nouvelle Terre comme des planètes, ou dans une conversation que j’ai eue avec ma petite amie, ou dans une image ou un court texte que j’ai vu ou lu quelque part. L’inspiration se nourrit en fait du processus créatif de chacun d’entre nous et même si elle existe, personnellement, je ne compte pas toujours sur elle. Si ce n’est pas là, je commence à travailler et cela arrive en cours de route…

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