Bilyana Grudanska

Bilyana grew up in a musical family, who say that she first started singing and only after that – speaking. She then started playing the piano at the age of 5, in pursuit of a path suitable for a classical pianist. Graduated from the National Music School of Sofia in Bulgaria and completed a bachelor degree in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 
She had the privilege of being thought by, and in touch with the great pianist, conductor and artist J.B.Pommier. 
With singing and writing music being her dream since a child, she is now into creating new paths and broadening her dream skills and landscapes.

She is up to collaborating with different ensembles (classical but also more adventurous ones), as well as working with composers and exploring and performing new music.

“My sound is my magic.
My hands play the piano.
My voice captures smiles.
I choose to reflect light”.