Efthymios Stavropoulos (Eforez) is a composer and audiovisual creator currently living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Through the years he completed a variety of bachelor and master studiers in composition, audiovisual design, guitar, singing and forestry engineering.

Since 2007 he has been participating in many different music and audiovisual projects, but it was until after 2018 that more consistently published works of his own.

Apart from a variety of solo and collaborative works,
He has released 6 music albums.

– Remembrance (2022)
Demigod (2022)
Exiles (2022)
Encounter (2020)
Fossil Sprouts (2021)
The Road to Cappadocia (2020)
Our 25th Hour (2019)

He is member of the avant-garde electronic duet Bzaka and the Owlgod