Quartzite Quartet

Is an extremely compact, granular rock, quartet 
consisting essentially of quartz.
“That’s what we want our music to be!”
The sound of this ensemble explores between boundaries of the classical-contemporary music, jazz and rock. 
The explosive energy is reflecting in their highly structured compositions leaving space for adventurous risk taking moments and no-holds-barred improvisation.
The band created it’s own style and genre.
Quartzite are: 
vibraphonist Marko Jugovic, 
saxophonist Wietse Voermans, 
bassist Alessio Bruno and 
drummer Elvis Homan. 
The quartet met while studying at Codarts, University of Arts, Rotterdam. 
They became friends- then lovers, then even something more and basically became a rock…QUARTZITE!- and converged together as Quartzite in 2015. 
Each member has an impressive list of credits accomplished over the years. 
The band has continued to thrive and grow in reputation, solidifying a fan base in Europe.
Quartzite draws upon influences of the intense sonic landscapes of Steve Lehman, dramatic narrative depth of Vijay Iyer, massive boost from Meshuggah and techniques used in contemporary classical music.

Alessio Bruno – winner of »European Jazz Contest, Nov 2017

Wietse Voermans – winner of »Keep An Eye« award Dec 2017

Elvis Homan – winner of Leiden Jazz Award, March 2017 

Marko Jugovic – winner of Hartman Award 2017
ELVIS     |     MARKO     |     WIETSE     |     ALESSIO